Teaching Harry Potter to Creative Writers

Teaching Harry Potter to Creative Writers

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JK Rowling inspired new readers and now you can help inspire new writers. Internally known for her ability to parse through Rowling's work for clues and techniques, SP Sipal teams up with educator Dalton Perkinson to give teachers techniques, examples, and activities that will enchant even the most reluctant readers.
Teaching Harry Potter to Creative Writers has insightful analysis that has been tried out and taught on high school and college campuses, as well as at writer's workshops and fan conferences for over a decade.  Updated for Cursed Child as well as Fantastic Beasts. The detailed, guided lesson plans and reproducible handout engage the students and help foster 21st century skills.

Check out the Table of Contents to see the breadth of knowledge and clever approach:

Pacing for Your Class’ Needs
Lesson One
       More Emotional Range than a Teaspoon (Characterization)
Lesson Two
      Freeing Your Prisoner of Azkaban (Voice & Engagement)

Lesson Three    The Dark Lord is in the Detail (Worldbuilding)

Lesson Four      Revealing Wormtail (Mystery Plotting)

Lesson Five       Put a Fidelius Charm On Your Godric’s Hollow (Holding off Backstory)

Lesson Six         Pulling the Sword Out of the Hat (Mythic Structure, Archetypes, & Themes)

Lesson Seven    His Royal Snivellus (Antiheroes and Ambiguity)

Lesson Eight      Of Grindelwald and Hitler (Real World Relevance)

Lesson Nine      Tossing Snowballs at Quirrell (Writing with Humor)

Lesson Ten        Catch Your Snitch! (Writing with Pleasure)

Lesson Eleven   Draco Loves Hermione! At Least in Fan Fiction (Fan Fiction as a Tool)

Lesson Twelve   Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (Hatching Artistic and Marketing Vision)

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