Fantastic Secrets Behind Fantastic Beasts by S.P. Sipal

Fantastic Secrets Behind Fantastic Beasts by S.P. Sipal

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Examine Fantastic Beasts-Your guide to one clue at a time!

THE guide for all fans of JK Rowling's Fantastic Beast series who are eager to find clues and share speculation, taking them back to the height of the Harry Potter series. Be amazed at the secrets lurking deep below the surface of the film. Dive deeply into the story's mythology. S.P. Sipal details the analogies, myths, and clues JK Rowling hid throughout her works to charm her fans once again.

Discover and explore such questions as:

  • Is there an Animagi hidden in the story?
  • Why will there be FIVE movies?
  • What secrets is Modesty hiding?
  • Did Frank wipe out ALL the memories from that fateful night?
  • And was Grindelwald already in possession of the Elder Wand?

S.P. Sipal has analyzed the mysteries behind the Harry Potter series for over a dozen years. A sought-after presenter at fan, writing, and academic conferences both at home and abroad, her books have also delighted writers, teachers, and fans alike. Now she turns her expert attention to investigating the beginning of Rowling's exciting new series. Join her as she prepares you to dig into the layers of subtext yourself to claim what treasures await...before the Niffler beats you to it!

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