Our Story

The Story of Deep River Press

How We Got Started

Whenever Lisa London joined a new organization, her entire body would tense when someone asked,
"What do you do?".

After searching the room for escape routes and finding none, she would lower her voice and say,
"I'm an accountant."

It wasn't that she was embarrassed to be a CPA; she truly enjoyed her work. But she knew that as soon as the words left her mouth, the next response would be:
"Great! We need a new treasurer. Our volunteer doesn't know anything about accounting."

Not surprisingly, this happened when she joined her church. Being incapable of saying no, Lisa soon found herself treasurer; in charge of accounts that hadn't been reconciled all year and an antiquated accounting system.

As she began to convert the church to a new accounting system, she realized there were very few resources available to help. So, out of necessity, she researched best practices, pulled upon her personal experiences of working with small businesses and nonprofits, tested workarounds, and wrote QuickBooks for Churches and Other Religious Organizations.

This was Deep River Press' first book; the start of the Accountant Beside You series.  QuickBooks for Churches  was an immediate hit and requests flooded in for a nonprofit version. As the requests for more resources came in, Lisa enlisted the help of other accountants. 
The Accountant Beside You resources are continuing to grow and expand.

And so is the educational and fiction side of our business.

Deep River Press' own editor and internationally-known speaker in the Harry Potter fan fiction world, S.P. Sipal has written A Writer's Guide to Harry Potter and Teaching Harry Potter to Creative Writers. (Keep an eye out in December for a "Clue Book" she planning related to the new Fantastic Beasts series.)

Educator Sabrina Beasley has started a new series of Beasley New Horizon's Literature Guides, beginning with A Complete Teacher's Manual to Darker The Night-Lisa London's historical novel of a young woman coming of age in Nazi Germany.

Deep River Press is adding more authors and resources, allowing us to fulfill our mission to assist and educate as the publisher of captivating stories and helpful resources.

What We Publish

We are expanding into intriguing fiction, focusing on stories taken from a fresh perspective. If you are interested in submitting a manuscript for consideration, please use our contact page. Give us a short query explaining the story, the author's background, and the market potential.

Our nonfiction department also welcome authors of helpful resources. Please use the contact page to supply a short query and the author's expertise.

Media Kits

In-depth information about our individual titles in our catalog.

Using Quickbooks Online for Small Non-Profits & Churches
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Darker The Night
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A Writer's Guide to Harry Potter
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Teaching Harry Potter to Creative Writers
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some questions we normally hear from you.

Are your books available in bulk?

Definitely! Use the contact page and we will get in touch with you regarding our wholesale, education, and library options.

Who was the photographer that took all of these great landscape photos?

Good question!

Ken Migliaccio Photography
His complete collection can be seen at www.KenMigliaccio.com.