Northwood High School NEHS Anthology

The Review-An Anthology by Northwood High School National English Honor Society

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It began with a question, “why don’t we have a National English Honor Society?” With that question began the first year of the NEHS, a year full of activities, literacy, and service to community.
After this whirlwind initial year, advisor Sabrina Beasley and the student scholars of the National English Honor Society Alpha Beta Gamma Chapter invite you to step inside their world of words. Let their voices be heard as you peruse this their first anthology: The Review.
Here are the poems and speeches that will delight, enlighten, entertain, and educate. Original stories stretch the bounds of creative and experimental fiction, while some writers pursue more scholarly research. Step into the world of journalism and see what issues are foremost on the minds of the young writers.
Each piece begs you to read, listen, and think. The students are sharing their voices and their visions with the world.
With this anthology, each purchase means that a portion of the proceeds will go to support the Northwood High School Library. The scholars and Mrs. Beasley thank you for your generosity in providing books and materials that support the community.
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