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Just Released! Fantastic Secrets Behind Fantastic Beasts by S.P. Sipal

The First Clue Book for the new Fantastic Beasts series! S.P. Sipal has been researching JK Rowling's work for over a decade and had delved into the mythology and history to find clues and hints about what may be coming up next in the series. Check out her latest release- Fantastic Secrets Behind Fantastic Beasts and explore what she has discovered!  

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WRAL Go Ask Mom Selects SP Sipal's A Writer's Guide to Harry Potter for Her Christmas List

Harry Potter books by Susan Sipal: The Pittsboro mom is an authority on how J.K. Rowling weaved the story of Harry Potter, captivating millions around the world. For the Harry Potter fanatic, her book, "A Writer's Guide to Harry Potter," explains it all. And teachers should check out her latest, "Teaching Harry Potter to Creative Writers." Read more at http://www.wral.com/announcing-go-ask-mom-s-2016-made-by-mom-gift-guide-/16258096/#I3vG4iPCVUbehVIB.99

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